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To relieve the need of Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) sufferers around the world by acting as a resource by directing sufferers to support groups, medical advice and by any other means that the trustees deem necessary

I was 4 years old when the Polio virus caught me and over the next few years, after being totally paralyzed, spending some time in an iron lung, and intensive ( and occasionally painful physiotherapy ), I made a good recovery and began to live a fairly normal life.
And then, in 1964, aged 14, I had to have a spinal fusion to try and control my kyphoscoliosis developing as a result of weak chest muscles as a result of the Polio virus.
At that time and with the medical knowledge available all Polio survivors were told to exercise as much as possible and used the phrase 'Use it or lose it'.
Unfortunately this approach was totally incorrect and as a result many Polio Survivors are now experiencing what is being called 'Post-Polio Syndrome' with severe disabling effects. We are all now being told 'conserve to preserve', the complete opposite to the previous advice.

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